#NewMusicFriday - January 21st, 2022


  • Charlie Puth is a musical genius. This song and music video for it are so good. Its one of the fastest songs bpm wise that will be on the radio. He has an album that's coming out Frankmusik style (one single at a time). Based on his TikToks, its bound to impress.

  • Kiesza has released a total 80s jam called Passenger.

  • Great Good Ok Fine have put out a new single (Someone to You) pretty soon after the release of their last EP and its got that signature 80s vibe that well all love from them. Great song.

  • Years & Years new album is out Night Call... and its packed with bangers.

  • Little Boots is giving me Stevie Nicks meets Cyndi Lauper on Crying on the Inside and I love it.

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